Mustang 55 year party next year

Drive the Blue Ridge Parkway the last day into Concord.  After Tail of the Dragon , enjoy the views of the Smoky Mountains before getting to Charlotte. The last day promises to be one of the most memorable of the drive, unless you ate the 72 oz steak in Amarillo.

Blue Ridge Parkway Autumn Sunset Scenic Landscape Photography Asheville NC

NO MCA party planned.

NO Mustangs Across America planned………….but.


Tail of the Dragon (above) is 11miles 318 turns that follows Forney Creek from Tennessee into Deals Gap NC. I drove as fast as I could and averaged 30 mph, dropped front wheel one time off pavement.

Mustang Owner Museum will have a grand opening April 17, 2019 in North Carolina with 5 days of party and driving on the track at Charlotte Motor Speedway. April 15-20.

The drive to the party is a 9 day road trip from Seattle WA to Concord, NC, called MOMs drive to 55.

The route is south in CA to Route 66 East to Mustang, Tulsa then on to Memphis, Nashville, Tale of the Dragon and Charlotte.

The drive starts April 6 in Seattle WA and ends Apr 15 in Concord NC following the old Route66 to Tulsa then Memphis, Nashville, Tale of the Dragon into NC and on to Charlotte.

Tim Toy is the trail boss. Email listed below.